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Seagull Anti-Perching-Spikes Installations Ramsgate

Ideal for ledges, roof edges and ridges.
Designed to change habits – not harm birds.

Ramsgate Bird Control Services install seagull spikes for all homes and industrial, commercial premises in Ramsgate.

We are a bird control company in Ramsgate who are professional installers of seagull spikes and a range of other gull deterrents.

Like seagull netting, gull spikes are one of our most popular deterrents that we install as an effective measure against seagulls to stop them from perching on roof edges, window sills, building ledges and roofs.

Gull spikes can also be used to protect chimneys from nesting gulls.

We can install seagull spikes on any type of property covering large areas to protect your property from seagull problems.

Seagull spikes differ from pigeon spikes in that they are slightly longer which prevents their longer legs from getting between the spikes.

A tough bird generally commands a tough deterrent so we only fit long lasting stainless steel spikes.

Seagull spikes do not cause harm to the birds.The tips of the spike are rounded.

They are designed to deter birds and alter their habits. Spikes are an approved method of bird control deterrent.

Seagull Spikes Installations in Ramsgate

Gulls are a very destructive bird known for pecking at building materials such as waterproof membranes, lagging and roof materials.

Common nesting areas include flat roofs on both domestic and commercial properties and behind chimneys or in between pots.

Gulls become very noisy around March to April as they compete for territory.

We would recommend deterrents are installed as soon as you discover activity.


Seagull Bird Spikes - Kent bird Control Services

Installing gull spikes in Ramsgate.

Call us today to arrange a FREE site visit and quotation.

We will discuss the best solution to your bird control problem in Ramsgate.

Bird spikes can be combined with other deterrents for maximum protection.

Once you are happy with the quotation our professional installers will provide you with all the necessary documents before we start the installation. These include:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Method Statements
  • COSHH Information (If applicable)
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Copy of Insurance

NOTE: Depending on site condition, it may be advisable to have the affected area professionally cleaned by us if there is a build up of bird droppings. This will eradicate any health and safety implications.

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