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Pigeons under solars panel a real problem

Over the past few years we have seen a massive increase in the number of clients calling about pigeons nesting under their solar panels.

Solar panels offer the ultimate sanctuary for pigeons to rear their young. Warm, dry and away from predatory birds makes them the home of choice – we call these hotels for pigeons.

You might notice one or two birds arriving at first but before you know it this number can quickly double and not before long can turn into a serious infestation which can cause all sorts of misery.

Most of our customer concerns relate to bird waste dropping into the garden or over the conservatory roof, blocked downpipes and overflowing guttering. Occasionally the odd egg slips through crashing to the garden.

Of course, the worse part, (apart from the smell), is the constant cooing and scratching around under the solar panels. Especially true if you are trying to have a well deserved lie in at the weekend and ‘the band’ starts up at 5am in the morning.

Can bird waste damage the solar panels?

Under the solar panels is a complex network of electrical wires and connection blocks. It does not happen immediately, but over time, there is a risk of the acidic content of the pigeon waste breaking down the solar panel connection blocks. We have photographic evidence where this actually happened!

This is a very expensive repair job as the panels will have to come off the roof for the solar panel company to investigate and carry out repairs.

It is not uncommon for pigeons to perch on the edge of panels so will cause a mess down your panels. Solar panels are self cleaning but bird waste might hinder the performance if they get caked in poo!

Installing solar panel protection in Kent to stop pigeons.

We work with a couple of solar panel installation companies who give their customers the option of having us install bird protection around the solar panels before the scaffold is dismantled.

If you are unfortunate enough to discover this problem long after the solar panel company has gone give our expert solar panel pigeon protection company in Kent a call for advice or to book an installation.


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