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Experts in solar panel protection to stop pigeons nesting
Long lasting, professionally installed, fully guaranteed
Seagull Protection
No more gulls on your roof or chimney
Pigeon Control
Effective deterrents to stop pigeon infestations
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Bird Control Services in Ramsgate.

Professional installation of pigeon and seagull deterrents.

Our Bird Control company in Ramsgate install bird proofing deterrents to prevent pigeons and gulls from causing a nuisance, nesting and damaging property from excessive bird droppings.

In addition to our comprehensive bird control products we can also provide a bespoke service such the installation of low level stands on flat roofs with netting protection. This is an excellent deterrent where gulls are trying to nest.

Our range of bird control products:

Bird Control Netting

A versatile deterrent that can be installed in a great number of ways to protect properties against seagulls and pigeons.

It is particularly useful where a large expanse needs to be protected making ideal for large roof coverings to act as a canopy or to protect air conditioning systems and building fascias.

Seagull netting and pigeon netting come in a variety of colours and is both rot proof and fire retardant.

Pigeon Control Spikes

We can install different types of pigeon spikes in both metal and clear plastic. Both are long lasting and not affected by the elements – even in the harshest of weather!

Pigeon spikes can be installed in a great number of places including roof edges, shop signage, ledges, arched areas, lighting, gutters and roof ridges.

Seagull Spikes

Gull spikes differ from pigeon spikes as they are longer and made from stainless steel. We can install spikes on and around chimney breast – a common place for gulls to nest, on roof ridges, around roof edges and on ledges.

Note: Bird control spikes are fixed into place with a long lasting high tack adhesive that works in all weathers. In certain circumstances they can be fixed into place with screws.

Post and Wire

A long lasting deterrent made up of stainless steel posts, wire and tension springs. Can be installed on ledges and roof edges, roof ridges or sills. We install post and wire at different heights depending on the type of bird problem which will deter them from landing.

Can be drilled into place or secured with pads or adhesive.

Solar Panel Bird Control

Birds being crafty are now finding shelter under solar panel systems which provide security, warmth and the ideal nesting area.

To combat this we install a mesh system around all the solar panel units which we secure with specially designed clips designed for the panels.

Once installed we guarantee birds will not be able to gain access.

We also work alongside local solar panel companies in Ramsgate by fitting protection prior to the scaffold or access coming down which can save on future expense.

Other Bird Deterrents

Daddi Long Legs – A great product that can be fixed into place with adhesive or screws. Ideal for flat roofs, street lighting, boats, marinas and docks.

Electronic bird scarers– We can install electronic devices which mimic the distress calls of a number of bird species.

Our bird scarers can be installed to work during the day, at night or all of the time. Designed to sound a distress every 10 minutes in 2 minute bursts. Volume control and light sensor built in.

Bird Waste Cleaning

Best left to the professionals who have the right respiratory equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

We highly recommend bird waste cleaning prior to any installation of bird control products on your property in Ramsgate.

Bird waste can be hazardous if left to build up.

If you have identified a problem call us as soon as possible to get bird guano removed.

Unsure what you need?

We will be happy to visit your property in Ramsgate to discuss the best options to get rid of your pest bird problem. Call us or send an email to arrange a free site visit.

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